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with Impact

Are you driven by expanding your imagination and making an impact beyond the screen?  

Paisley Smith Creative offers:

Do you believe in


Paisley consults on interactive and storytelling for organization, events, and individuals.


Paisley is a professional filmmaker and can be hired to direct, produce, and write immersive and film content.

World Building

Paisley teaches Feminist Futures: A World Building Workshop where participants design and build the future.


Paisley is a radically honest and engaging speaker. 

Book her to talk about her creative practice, world building, and interactive filmmaking.


Hire Paisley to curate VR projects for your exhibition or event.


Exhibit Unceded Territories or Homestay VR at your festival, 

organization or event.

Work with Paisley

Paisley Smith Creative is committed to radical imagination, community building, inclusion, and sharing authentic stories.  


Want to collaborate? Please email: 

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