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Events & Workshops

Listen to Paisley's Walrus Talk "Imagination, VR, and building a better country." 

Unceded Territories on Exhibition:

Homestay on Exhibition:

  • ANIDOX: VR – Sep 23-29, Viborg, Denmark. 

  • CIUSSS de l'Est de Montréal (focused on mental health VR) from November 11 to 15th. Montreal, Canada 

  • FNC Explore  Montreal’s Festival du nouveau cinéma. Oct. 9-20, Montreal, Canada 

  • South Western International Film Festival, Sarnia, Ontario November 7th to 10th 2019 


Past Events: 


  • UK National Centre for Immersive Storytelling. Dec. 6th 2018, London. 


  • Speaker at The Walrus Talks. Conversations About Canada: We Desire a Better Country. Walrus Magazine in partnership with the Order of Canada and Canada 150.  Surrey, B.C.  May 16th, 2017. 


  • Digital Days 2017: Cinematic VR discussion. March 4th 2017, The Anvil Centre New Westminster, British Columbia 

  • Youtube Space London March 9th 2017 "What’s narrative in VR for tweens and teens" hosted by David Kleeman and Dubit. London. 


  • VIFF Industry talk “VR as an Agent of Change: Immersive Documentaries and Political Media” with Gabo Arora, Vincent McCurly, Patrick McGuire, J-Lee Williams. September 2016. Vancouver. 


  • Deep Dive into Virtual Reality: Creative Collaborations in Doc and VR. Hosted by the IDA. April 2016. Los Angeles. 


  • Women In Film and TV William F. White Networking Breakfast panel conversation with NFB`s Digital Interactive team and creators. June 2016. Vancouver. 


  • TIFF Kids Industry: “Game Changers: Levelling the Playing Field for Women in Film, Gaming and Tech” JJ Johnson, Rina Fraticelli, Jennie Robinson Faber, Annie Bradley. March 2015. Toronto. 


  • "Exploring Interactive and Transmedia Documentary" hosted by DOC-B.C. with Michael Simons (The Goggles) and Nicole Sorochan (One Net Studios) moderated by Sean Embury. Read about this event here. March 23rd 2016. 


  • Paramount Pictures Alpha Summit. Speaker " The future of inclusive themed attractions." November 2015. Los Angeles. 

Creative Workshops: 

  • 5 Day Intensive VR/AR workshop with Sutu at CAMP France. Artist residency in the French Pyrenees. June 19-23. Tickets available here


  • ​Taught Workshop on how to create and tell interactive VR stories with Vincent McCurley. Hosted by Sheffield and Mutek. 20 artists participated and left with a Unity project. Mexico City November 23rd 2018


  • Sundance Ignite 360 VR Storytelling with students at Raw Art Works.  Presented workshop at MIT Open Doc Lab. Tuesday Nov. 29th 2016.  Boston. 

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