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"Indigenous artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun teamed up with Paisley Smith for this fun, weird, and totally gorgeous 3D rendered experience. The experience pits a destructive "super predator" versus the environment. But the star of the show is the colorful "ovoidism" design that evokes indigenous Pacific art."

-Ryland Aldrich, ScreenAnarchy

"The film is deeply creative and unequivocally moving."

-Katie Wilson, The Georgia Straight

Articles, Interviews, and Podcasts: 

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Voices of VR with Kent Bye: Interview with Paisley Smith "#713: Moving Through Grief of Suicide through a Spatial Story in VR with “Homestay”" 

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The Georgia Straight: "Homestay" VR film explores what it means to be an international student in Canada

Filmmaker Magazine: “We Need to Strive for a Better, More Inclusive, Emerging Tech Landscape”: Paisley Smith on her VR Project Homestay and Advocating for Women in VR/AR 

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