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XR Show at Sp[a]ce Gallery in Los Angeles

Curated by Paisley Smith and Milo Talwani

The show ran from July 6th to September 8th 2019. Robot Remix XR showcased cutting-edge, award-winning VR experiences and made them available to the public. 


"Nested in a hot pink and yellow room decorated with abstract yet cozy design, the Robot Remix Immersive XR transports viewers into cutting-edge cinematic and experiential worlds of virtual reality. The exhibition premiered on Saturday 6th at the sp[a]ce gallery at Ayzenberg in Los Angeles, offering the general public an intimate space to get individually immersed in VR content. The first phase of Robot Remix VR, which runs until July 28th, features six pieces including award-winning Gloomy Eyes, Your Hands are Feet and Virtual Virtual Reality. "


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