Paisley is offering virtual world building sessions for individuals, organizations, and events looking to redesign their goals, products, and gatherings for our new digital reality. 


In our 2 hour virtual session you will learn how to world build, you will design solutions for your business or event, and you will prototype this design, using supplies you can find in your home.

You can expect to leave our world building session feeling energized, inspired, and excited to tackle the challenges that are facing us during this time. 

These sessions can be tailored for your group size and by length and accomodate your needs. 

To book a session you can contact Paisley directly or join Paisley's Club on "Buy me a coffee" (which includes a one hour world building workshop!) 


Paisley excels at setting up smart, comprehensive workshops. After her World Building session, I was as motivated and inspired as I’ve been in a while. Her spirit is infectious, as she brings a lot of fun and joy to the activities. Her session helped me and my team redesign key elements of our program, and gave me the tools to reimagine the future of our work. I wholeheartedly recommend Paisley!


Beata Calinska, Sundance Institute 

Feminist Futures


Feminist Futures is a workshop series created by Graphic Designer Caitlin Conlen and Paisley Smith.

Each 2 hour workshop includes an introduction to world building and intersectional feminism. 

The workshop can be tailored in length and can focus on specific outcomes, for example "Designing the Feminist Future of work."


We have taught Feminist Futures at organizations including: the Los Angeles Women's Center for Creative Work, Processing Community Day at UCLA, Outfest Fusion, North Carolina State University Libraries, Altitude Summit, and with individuals looking to enrich projects and story worlds. 


Workshop description: 


Imagine and build a future world using creative collaboration and low-fi, DIY techniques! What does an ideal future look like to you? Get messy, get creative, and envision a collective intersectional Feminist Future! Connect with fellow participants in a meaningful way, and bring home an artefact from the future  

More about Feminist Futures: 


In our workshop we will create an intersectional feminist world, 200 years in the future. 


To design this world, we will use world building!  This process is inclusive, fun, and will get your brain stormin! World Building values story as a way to predict and solve issues. Stories help us open up dialogue and think through issues on a personal and global scale.


The workshop uses low-fi, DIY, and hands-on craft materials and a collaborative ideation process to create the world, and build artifacts from the future world we design.


This process can be used in your real world - whether it's imagining the world of your brand, telling engaging stories to connect with your audience, or redesigning the cozy home you crave - world building can be applied to just about anything!


This workshop is fun, light-hearted, and a great way to work together and connect meaningfully with your fellow participants. We can't wait to meet you and to host Feminist Futures!

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 12.06.46

Artifacts from our Feminist Future 'Nanoblood' and 'Mineral Prosthetic' made from DIY materials


For more information, please visit: 

To book a world building workshop, please email Paisley.